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Why my subscribers count is decreasing?

Modified on: Jan 15, 2018

Please understand that Traffup simply provides a service for users to promote their YouTube channels in front of thousands of other users. People view and subscribe to your channel and in the process receive points that help them promote their own YouTube channel and posts.

If your channel has interesting content, people tend to remain subscribed to your channel. If they don’t like your content, they simply unsubscribe. Traffup cannot persuade anybody to subscribe to your channel nor can we force someone to remain subscribed to your channel.

YouTube also removes (deletes) spam subscribers from your channel that abuse their system by aggressive subscribing and unsubscribing and this is also one of the reasons your subscribers reduce on a regular basis.

We understand that some users misuse Traffup and unsubscribe as soon as they receive points and that is why we provide a daily refund of points to our PRO members.