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Traffup PRO

Everytime you buy points, you become a PRO.

As a PRO member, you get more exposure, more opportunities to earn points, geo-targeting (websites only) and other cool features.

starting $9.99
Top positions for listings in a list  
Geo-targeting for websites  
Opportunies to earn points
Hourly and daily limits
Points returns  
Priority customer support  

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More Exposure

All listings including websites, tweets and profiles of PRO members appear at the top of the list.*

Get more exposure and visits by being a PRO.

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*List of records with same points.

More Control with Geo-Targeting

As a PRO member, you can target your websites to visitors from countries of your choice.*

Save points by promoting your website to the right audience.

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*Geo-targeting is currently available only for the websites section.

More Opportunities to Earn Points

PRO members get double hourly and daily limits as compared to free members.

As compared to a free member, a PRO can earn more points by viewing more websites, following more users on Twitter, doing more retweets and liking more Facebook pages.

Do more and earn more points by being a PRO.

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Points Returns

We continually monitor our system and return points back to our PRO members in case of any abuse (e.g. unfollows) by other members.

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Buy Points & Become a PRO

Traffup PRO membership is the fatest way to boost your social promotions.

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