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Free SoundCloud Followers, Likes and Reposts

Increase your followers on SoundCloud, get more likes and reposts on your Tracks and get free SoundCloud promotion using Traffup.

Traffup is a free SoundCloud promotion service that enables you to showcase your SoundCloud profile, tracks and albums in front of thousands of other users and helps you get more followers, likes and reposts quickly and easily. Grow your SoundCloud profile and drive awareness and traffic in 3 steps!

Here's how it works:


Add Your Profile

Sign up on Traffup and connect your SoundCloud Profile.

Traffup does not need your account password. Just enter your username and you are ready to go.


Get Followers and Likes

Promote your SoundCloud profile and tracks by assigning points.

Points are spent when somebody follows you or likes your tracks.


Earn Points

Your profile and tracks are visible as long as you've points in your account.

Earn free points using a variety of activities including following others users and saving their pins.

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