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Why my subscribers count is decreasing?

Modified on: Feb 16, 2018

For some YouTube channels, gaining subscribers too quickly triggers YouTube’s spam check and as a result some subscribers are marked as spam and removed from those accounts on a regular basis by YouTube itself.

It has nothing to do with Traffup as we simply provide a service for users to promote their YouTube channels (and videos) in front of thousands of other users. People view and subscribe to your channel and in the process receive points that help them promote their own YouTube channel and videos.

A subscriber needs to be active on your channel. Inactive subscribers, the ones that subscribe and forget about your channel, are sometimes marked as spam by YouTube and removed from your account. Some users also unsubscribe from your channel if they do not like your content. Traffup cannot force anyone to remain subscribed to your channel.

We suggest you to manage your promotion on Traffup wisely as gaining a lot of subscribers in a short period of time (say 1 day) can result in loss of subscribers due to YouTube's anti-spam policy.

For our PRO members, who purchase points from us for their promotions, we provide a daily return of points to enable them to get more than 100% from their purchase.